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November 5, 2022
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The FBI issued a warning Thursday, urging synagogue leaders to “take all security precautions” to protect their community and facilities. -  ALLOW IMAGES

Jewish Communities Nationwide On
Heightened Alert Following FBI Warning

November 5, 2022
On November 3rd, the following Flash SMS
message was sent to AlertsUSA subscriber mobile devices:

11/3 - FBI Newark office warns of a credible, unspecified threat to synagogues in NJ. Urges increased security awareness and precautions. More via email.

What You Need To Know

On Thursday, AlertsUSA subscribers were notified of a public warning issued by the FBI's Newark office regarding a threat to synagogues:

"The FBI has received credible information of a broad threat to synagogues in NJ. We ask at this time that you take all security precautions to protect your community and facility. We will share more information as soon as we can. Stay alert. In case of emergency call police."

Reports indicate the alert was issued after officials discovered a compelling online threat directed broadly at synagogues in New Jersey. As would be expected, authorities pounced. On Friday, federal law enforcement officials say the individual who made the online threat no longer poses a danger to the community.

According to James Dennehy, the special agent in charge of the F.B.I.’s Newark office, when the individual was contacted and interviewed by law enforcement, he "expressed radical, extremist views and ideology, as well as an extreme amount of hate against the Jewish community.” Dennehy went onto say that “It doesn’t appear there are others who pose a threat to Jewish synagogues affiliated with this subject of interest.

Readers are reminded that in December 2019, a shooting took place at a kosher grocery store in the Greenville section of Jersey City, NJ which left six dead and three wounded. Other recent domestic incidents include

According to the Anti-Defamation League, reports of antisemitic incidents hit an all-time high across the U.S. in 2021. And nearly 30% of all the events documented took place between New Jersey and New York.

To highlight the need for increased vigilance at Jewish institutions outside of the Atlantic NE, a person of interest was taken into custody by the FBI on Friday of this week in Birmingham, Alabama after a backpack containing propane tank and clothes that had been set on fire was found just outside of a synagogue in the city.

AlertsUSA urges leadership of all places of worship to have direct lines of communication open with local law enforcement as well as the nearest office of the FBI. If they are the first people you call in the event of an emergency, you are best served by building relationships with these authorities. Both have programs and capabilities to help you secure your facilities and create a safe environment for your members and communities.

AlertsUSA continues to monitor the domestic and international threat environment around the clock and will immediately notify service subscribers, via SMS messages to their mobile devices, of new alerts, warnings and advisories or any developments which signal a change the overall threat picture for American citizens as events warrant.


10/29 - 120+ dead, 100+ injured in Seoul, S. Korea following stampede of 100,000-strong crowd on a narrow street during Halloween festivities. AlertsUSA monitoring..

11/2 - State Department: U.S. concerns about additional provocations from North Korea, including a nuclear weapon test, have not abated. AlertsUSA monitoring..

11/2 - DPRK has launched a ballistic missile which has overflown central Japan forcing shelter order for three prefectures. Regional military forces on heightened readiness. AlertsUSA monitoring..

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In fact, they are our customers!

"I want to thank you for your service last night. I work weird hours at the Minneapolis Airport and left work at 11p last night. I heard sirens and decided to check my phone. You had texted at 10:58p about the riots. Knowing that I can trust AlertUSA's reporting, I made the decision to call my manager to inform him of your alert. We had many employees leaving for home and he thanked me for calling. Thank you once again for your service to our Country and the world."

- Laurie E.

"Thank you Steve and the team at AlertsUSA. Always accurate and trustworthy information. Always delivered fast and keeps me up to date. I travel, live and work knowing that I'll be among the first to know. of anything important. To AlertsUSA and all the staff, you guys do a great job and I will be a lifelong customer. Thank you and stay safe."

- Jarrett B.

"Please apply this to an extension of my current subscription. Thank you. And thanks for an incredibly useful service that normally gives us a two day lead on news before/if it actually hits even the well informed alternate media."

- Mary W.

"As a retired Sheriff, with a state Capitol as my County Seat, I worked hard over the years to develop and use as much international/national intel as possible. Most of my intel is still open source. I cannot adequately express my appreciation for the speed and content of the Alerts USA service. It allows me and my family to remain knowledgeable and safer than we would otherwise remain.

- Greg W.

"I depend on your product both professionally and as a day-to-day tool. Its the best on the unclassified market."

- Tom A.


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Mitsubishi L20 adapted to carry a single-tube GRAD missile launcher.- ALLOW IMAGES

Ukraine War Update+

As of November 5, 2022
What You Need To Know

According to the Institute for the Study of War:

The Russian military is likely trying to use mobilized personnel to restart the Donetsk offensive but will likely still fail to achieve operationally significant gains. Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces General Valerii Zaluzhnyi reported on November 4 that Russian forces have tripled the intensity of hostilities in certain sections of the front with up to 80 daily assaults.The Ukrainian General Staff reported that Russian forces are currently focusing those offensive operations in the direction of Bakhmut, Avdiivka, and western Donetsk Oblast.

The apparent intensification of Russian assaults in Donetsk Oblast likely indicates that Russian forces are repeating that mistake throughout this section of the front. The increased quantity of personnel at frontline positions may allow Russian forces to achieve some gains in Donetsk Oblast, but poor training, logistics, and command will continue to prevent Russian forces from making operationally significant gains that would materially affect the course or outcome of the war.

Russian forces are setting conditions for a controlled withdrawal in northwestern Kherson Oblast, likely to avoid a disorderly rout from the right (west) bank of the Dnipro River.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is likely setting conditions to continue covert mobilization, which suggests that partial mobilization did not generate sufficient forces for Putin’s maximalist goals in Ukraine despite Putin’s claims to the contrary.

Russia’s costly force generation efforts will continue to weigh on the Russian economy and could ignite social tensions if the Kremlin does not fulfill its financial obligations to the participants of the “special military operation.”

Iran is likely already exploiting Russian reliance on Iranian-made weapons systems to request Russian assistance with its nuclear program.

Russian forces may be deploying extreme measures against deserting personnel in an attempt to respond to severe morale issues.

Click to Enlarge - Ukraine conflict map as of November 5, 2022. - ALLOW IMAGES

Diesel fuel nozzle - ALLOW IMAGES

Commentary / Analysis / Research

November 5, 2022

Biden's Diesel Fuel Shortage: Cold Comfort

During World War II, the Allies' aerial assault on the Nazis did not begin to have the strategic means to bring the enemy to its knees until Germany's oil reserves were destroyed and it was unable to refuel its tanks. Then, as now, destroying the energy infrastructure of an adversary can bring about the destruction of a nation. America's current enemies have not forgotten that historic lesson.

Which is why Americans should view with alarm the unconscionable news reported by industry analysts that we are facing a severe shortage of diesel fuel this winter.

~ READ MORE HERE (Gatestone Institute) ~

What If Ukraine Wins And Putin Is Removed?

What if the current Ukrainian offensive leads to victory? What if Russia eventually accepts that the war is stalemated or lost and removes Vladimir Putin from power? That could bring a rare opportunity to correct Europe’s distorted boundary lines and usher in a decades-long peace between Russia and the West.

~ READ MORE HERE (1945) ~

500K Aliens Released into the U.S. on ‘Alternatives to Detention’

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has enrolled nearly 500,000 aliens in its Alternatives to Detention (“ATD”) program between August 2020 and June 2022, according to data obtained by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University. ICE uses ATD to release aliens subject to mandatory immigration detention and monitor their location, primarily with mobile device apps or ankle bracelets that enable GPS monitoring. Notably, the data TRAC obtained shows that, since 2021, ICE has drastically shortened the amount of time it monitors aliens enrolled in ATD and has ceased to monitor (or has “unenrolled”) nearly 200,000 aliens who are subject to mandatory detention under federal law.

Federal law requires ICE to detain certain aliens, including most recent border crossers and certain criminal aliens, pending the completion of their removal proceedings.

~ READ MORE HERE (Center for Immigration Studies) ~

Fleet and Marine Tracker Map as of Oct 30, 2022.  - ALLOW IMAGES
USNI Fleet and Marine Tracker
November 5, 2022

These are the approximate positions of the U.S. Navy’s deployed carrier strike groups and amphibious ready groups throughout the world as of Oct 30, 2022 based on U.S. Navy, public data provided by the U.S. Naval Institute, and open source reporting.

Sailors assigned to Naval Special Warfare fly through the water using cutting-edge diver propulsion devices during high-altitude dive training. Image: USSOCOM - ALLOW IMAGES
World News Roundup
November 5, 2022


Second U.S. missile submarine makes unusual appearance in just two weeks
Capitol police cameras recorded video feed of Pelosi residence break-in
Obama: ‘More people are going to get hurt’ amid ‘demonizing’ in politics
Leaked documents outline DHS’s plans to police disinformation
Canadian man in custody after allegedly killing Mexican cop
Human remains recovered from clandestine graves in Mexico
Saudis in US targeted as kingdom cracks down on dissent
U.S. remains concerned about potential N. Korean nuclear test: Kirby
Mexico: Ransomware causes shutdown at multiple government agencies
Two dead in gang violence at Ecuador prison after inmate transfers


Medvedev threatens Ukraine with nuclear weapons for liberating its lands
Ukraine conflict, sanctions set to blow hole in Russia's finances
Russia’s PAK DA stealth bomber ‘will never fly’, U.S. defense officials
Russians try to subdue Ukrainian towns by seizing mayors
Russian strikes leave 4.5 million without power in Ukraine: Zelensky
Stoltenberg demands Turkey unblock Swedish and Finnish NATO membership
German defense state secretary: What ‘Zeitenwende’ really means
Moscow wants to connect Ukrainian nuclear plant to Russian grid
G7 discuss Ukraine support amid attacks on infrastructure


Turkish president receives NATO chief in Istanbul
Saudi Arabia, U.S. on high alert after warning of imminent Iranian attack
U.S. concerned about Iranian threats to Saudi Arabia
Iran may be preparing to arm Russia with short-range ballistic missiles
Netanyahu set to return to power in Israel after PM concedes
Nigerian authorities dismiss terror warnings by us, other foreign missions
Kenya sends troops to DR Congo to fight rebels
UN peacekeepers in Congo make 'strategic withdrawal' from key military base
Malian minister says Russia will ship food and fuel to Mali in coming weeks
The Ethiopian government and Tigray have agreed to end a 2-year war
Hadis Najafi: Iran police fire on mourners for female protester
Nigerians struggling after government closes camps, cuts aid
Millions at risk of hunger in South Sudan: UN


3 U.S. soldiers praised for rescuing dozens from crowd crush in Seoul
2 Americans among the 153 killed in Halloween crowd surge in Seoul

S. Korea scrambles jets after N. Korea mobilizes aircraft near border
North Korea fires suspected intercontinental ballistic missile
DPRK ICBM launch that triggered alert may have failed in-flight
SecDef Austin, ROK counterpart warn Pyongyang against nuke use
North Korea says US will pay ‘equal price’ for military drills on peninsula
North Korea’s doctrinal shifts are more dangerous than missile launches
U.S. able to respond quickly to N. Korean nuclear test: Pentagon
US strategic assets to be ‘constant’ presence in S. Korea
Navy chiefs of S. Korea, U.S. discuss cooperation, joint defense posture
North Korea railway link to Russia now open for business
Former Pakistan PM Khan survives 'assassination attempt'
No one is left out when it comes to street crime in Karachi, study finds
New photos of China-made islands in Spratlys show scale of military buildup
Myanmar court sentences ex-politician to 173 years in prison
UN forces evacuate journalists as rebels advance further in DR Congo
Former general likely to be tapped as head of S. Korean Mission in Taipei
Former Pakistan PM Khan shot, wounded at protest march


Fully vaxed CDC Director Walensky tests positive AGAIN for COVID
Federal court upholds Biden's private employer vaccine mandate
UK orders all poultry and captive birds indoors amid largest bird flu outbreak
COVID-19 opens door to fast-tracked mRNA jabs for RSV
Military created digital tool to swiftly deny exemptions to vaccine mandate
Rising Ebola cases in Uganda spark regional concern
Biden admin renews public health emergency over monkeypox

Peak Prosperity with Dr. Chris Martenson.

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