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January 28, 2023
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Mass Shootings in America, Jihadi Terror in Europe - ALLOW IMAGES

Mass Shootings in America, Jihadi Terror in Europe

January 28, 2023
Between January 22-25, the following related Flash SMS
messages were sent to AlertsUSA subscriber mobile devices:

1/25 - 1 dead, 4 injured in machete attacks at two churches in Algeciras, Spain. The suspect, a Moroccan male, has been arrested. Incident investigated as terrorism.

1/25 - 2 dead, 5 injured in stabbing attack on train near Brokstedt Station north of Hamburg, Germany. Suspect, a male Syrian refugee, is in custody. Monitoring..

1/23 - 7 dead, 1 injured in multi-site shooting, Half Moon Bay, CA. San Mateo Co. Sheriff: 67 YO male suspect in custody. There is no ongoing threat to the community.

1/22 - Mass casualty shooting at or near 122 West Garvey Ave, Monterey Park, CA (E. Los Angeles). Multiple fatalities. Shooter remains at large. AlertsUSA monitoring.

What You Need To Know

Early last Sunday morning, then again on Monday, AlertsUSA subscribers were notified of mass shootings within California's Chinese community.

The first shooting took place within a packed dance hall in Monterey Park which is located just East of Los Angeles. In this incident, local 72-year-old resident Hu Can Tran entered a Chinese New Year celebration at the Star Ballroom Dance Studio and opened fire using a 9mm pistol with an high capacity magazine, killing 11 and injuring 10 others.

Tran fled the scene and was later located in Torrence, CA hiding in a van. After an hours-long standoff with SWAT officers, Tran was discovered to have taken his own life.

No motive has been put forth for the attack.

The second shooting took place Monday at the California Terra Garden mushroom farm in Half Moon Bay, CA just south of San Francisco. In this incident, 66-year-old Chunli Zhao shot and killed four coworkers and wounded a fifth. Zhao is reported to have then drove to a nearby farm where he used to work and killed three more people.

Zhao confessed to the killing during a courthouse interview with the local NBC affiliate. The motive put forth was that he was bullied, worked long hours on the farms, and that his complaints were ignored.

This incident was the second time an employee tried to kill a coworker on the property.

Reports indicate Zhao has been in the U.S. 11 years and is a Green Card holder. According to the Chinese consulate in San Francisco, 5 of the individuals killed in the two CA shootings were Chinese nationals.

Jihad Returns to Europe

On Wednesday, AlertsUSA subscribers were notified mass stabbing attack that had just unfolded on a regional train traveling from Kiel to Hamburg, Germany. In this incident, an unnamed 33-year-old male police describe as "stateless Palestinian" began stabbing and slashing passengers just before the train arrived at the (Brockshedt) train station.

Authorities said the train was stopped and the attacker detained by other passengers until police officers arrived. In total, 2 teens were killed and 7 others wounded.

As of the time of this report's preparation Friday evening, no motive has been given for the attack.

Later in the day, AlertsUSA subscribers were informed of machete attack which had just unfolded at two different churches in port city of Algeciras, in the south of Spain.

According to Spain's Interior Ministry, "a man entered the church of San Isidro in Algeciras, where, armed with a machete, he attacked the priest, leaving him seriously wounded. Subsequently, he entered the church of Nuestra Senora de La Palma in which, after causing damage, he attacked another priest. The verger managed to get out of the church but was caught by the attacker outside and sustained mortal injuries." Several others were injured.

The attacker then attempted to run to a third church but was captured by police and arrested.

BBC reports the male suspect is a 25-year-old Moroccan national who was due to be deported in June as he was in the country illegally.

There are numerous reports of the suspect shouting "death to Christians" and "Allahu Akbar" during the attacks.

Spanish authorities have categorized the incident as an act of terrorism.

AlertsUSA continues to monitor the domestic and international threat environment around the clock and will immediately notify service subscribers, via SMS messages to their mobile devices, of new alerts, warnings and advisories or any developments which signal a change the overall threat picture for American citizens as events warrant.


1/27 - Cities nationwide brace for protests in adv of release of police video showing Memphis officers fatally injuring black male during traffic stop. Caution urged.

1/27 - 8 dead, 3 injured in mass shooting at a synagogue in Neve Yaakov, N. Jerusalem. Shooter neutralized. Tension high. US Embassy security alert forthcoming.

1/27 - US Embassy Turkey issues security alert warning recent Quran-burning incidents in Europe could lead to terror attacks on places of worship in Turkey. See email.

1/26 - GA Gov declares state of emergency thru 2/9 due to possibility of add’l protests over plans to construct a police training facility in Atlanta. See email.

1/25 - US Embassy Tanzania issues security alert warning of ongoing terror threat targeting US citizens and other Westerners. Vigilance & low profile urged. See email.

1/23 - Massive electrical outage strikes Pakistan. Significant parts of Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and Peshawar without power. 12 power plants down. Monitoring..

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- Laurie E.

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- Jarrett B.

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- Mary W.

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- Greg W.

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An Army M1A2 Abrams tank participates in training at Fort Benning, Ga., Jan. 30, 2020. The M1A2 is the baseline version of the platform to be shipped to Ukraine. While specific configurations will vary, each includes a 120mm smooth bore cannon, 2 x 7.62 M240 coaxial machine guns and additional armaments. The 62.5-ton main battle tank is known for its stabilized gun and ability to shoot accurately on the move. The vehicle is also known for its superior crew protection (including chemical/biological/nuclear), safe storage of ammunition, speed, and maneuverability on rough ground, and efficient ventilation. Its tracks are rubber, and its turret can be rotated 360° in 6 seconds. - ALLOW IMAGES

Ukraine War Update+

January 28, 2023
What You Need To Know

According to the Institute for the Study of War:

Kremlin insiders reportedly told Bloomberg that Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing a new offensive to regain the initiative that may begin as early as February or March 2023.

The Kremlin confirmed that Russian President Vladimir Putin is issuing preemptive pardons for convicts who serve in Russian operations in Ukraine.

A visual investigation by a Russian opposition outlet confirmed that Russian authorities are deporting children from occupied Kherson Oblast to occupied Crimea.

Russian officials denied the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) report of explosions at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) on January 26, without accusing Ukrainian forces of being responsible for these explosions.

The Russian military command is likely attempting to restrict milbloggers’ frontline coverage to regain control over the Russian information space ahead of a possible new offensive.

Russian occupation authorities are continuing to intensify efforts to integrate occupied territories into the Russian legal and administrative structures.

According to the UK Ministry of Defence:

Russia highly likely suffered more than 300 casualties in a strike on troop accommodation at Makiivka near Donetsk City on 01 January 2023. We assess that the majority were likely killed or missing, rather than wounded.

Following the strike, the Russian Ministry of Defence took the rare step of publicly acknowledging it had suffered casualties, claiming 89 killed. Russian officials likely assessed that it was not viable to avoid comment in the face of widespread criticism of Russian commanders over the incident.

The difference between the number of casualties Russia acknowledged and the likely true total highlights the pervasive presence of disinformation in Russian public announcements. This typically comes about through a combination of deliberate lying authorized by senior leaders, and the communication of inaccurate reports by more junior officials, keen to downplay their failings in Russia’s ‘blame and sack’ culture.

Related News:

Biden admin announces additional security assistance for Ukraine
US joins Germany in sending battle tanks to Ukraine
Tanks for Ukraine have shifted the balance of power in Europe
321 heavy tanks promised to Ukraine - Ukraine ambassador to France
Russia fumes at West’s decision to send tanks to Ukraine
Ukraine got its tanks. Now it wants jet fighters too

Ukraine conflict map as of January 28, 2023. - ALLOW IMAGES

Let’s Take a Vacation from the H-1B Program  - ALLOW IMAGES

Commentary / Analysis / Research

January 28, 2023

Let’s Take a Vacation from the H-1B Program

An industry source says that 1,035 high-tech employers laid off 158,951 workers last year, a large fraction of whom were H-1Bs.

How is the immigration system going to react to this in 2023?

Why, it is going to bring in — unless something changes — some 100,000 more H-1Bs later this year, making life for high-tech workers, both aliens and citizens, that much tougher and perhaps causing a fall in wages for all concerned.

~ READ MORE HERE (Center for Immigration Studies) ~

Mass Attacks in Public Spaces: 2016 - 2020

This five-year study analyzes 173 targeted attacks that occurred from 2016 to 2020 in public or semipublic locations in the United States, including businesses, schools, houses of worship, open spaces, and other locations where we live our daily lives. This is the latest entry in a series of reports that examine attacks during which three or more individuals were injured or killed. By applying NTAC’s unique behavioral analysis to incidents of targeted violence occurring over a five-year period, Mass Attacks in Public Spaces: 2016 - 2020. represents NTAC’s most comprehensive examination to date of mass violence and its perpetrators.

~ READ MORE HERE (PDF) (U.S. Secret Service) ~

How Russia Is Using U.S. Electronics to Attack Ukraine

U.S. sanctions and export controls are intended to prevent rivals from obtaining semiconductors and other sensitive electronics, yet dozens of weapon systems Russia has deployed against Ukraine are loaded with — and can’t function without — U.S. and Western electronics, according to a U.K. think tank.

Radars, electronic warfare technology, missiles and guidance systems — even secure communications devices — are among the 27 different systems Russia has used in Ukraine found to contain western electronics, Jack Watling, a fellow with the Royal United Services Institute, or RUSI, said during a Jan. 26 presentation at the Wilson Center think tank in Washington, D.C.

~ READ MORE HERE (National Defense) ~

Fleet and Marine Tracker Map as of January 23, 2023.  - ALLOW IMAGES
USNI Fleet and Marine Tracker
January 23, 2023

These are the approximate positions of the U.S. Navy’s deployed carrier strike groups and amphibious ready groups throughout the world as of January 23, 2023 based on U.S. Navy, public data provided by the U.S. Naval Institute, and open source reporting.

Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Cole Woody provides security during a simulated limited scale raid in the Kahuku Training Area, Hawaii, Jan. 15, 2023. Image: DoD
World News Roundup
January 28, 2023


Sayfullo Saipov found guilty of murder and terrorism charges for NYC attack
Iran Navy frigate IRIS Dena in sails for Rio de Janeiro
Foreign national pleads guilty to mailing ricin to Trump in 2020
Former senior FBI official accused of working for Russian he investigated
Canada to repatriate British-born 'Jihadi Jack' from Islamic State prison camp
El Paso Walmart shooting suspect accused of killing 23 to pleads guilty
Federal prosecutors say Mexico's top cop was being paid by El Chapo's cartel
Peru protesters tear-gassed after president calls for truce
NJ woman sentenced to 34 months in prison for concealing terrorist financing
Mexico court: army doesn’t have to tell police about arrests
M1 Abrams tanks in U.S. inventory have armor too secret to send to Ukraine
Sales of U.S. military weapons to foreign governments soared in 2022
Past US presidents, VPs asked to recheck for classified docs
US sanctioning senior Paraguayan officials for corruption


Ukraine hit by Russian missiles day after West's offer of tanks
Ukraine expects tank deal will lead to West delivering long-range missiles
Ukraine calls for fighter jets after Germany’s offer of Leopard tanks
German tank decision slammed as escalation of conflict, betrayal of history
A Russian graveyard reveals Wagner’s prisoner army
Vladimir Putin plots to seize US weapons from Afghanistan
Fear and frustration in Moscow as air defense systems deployed
Germany: 5 charged with treason in suspected terror plot
Germany arrests 2nd suspect in Russia spying case
Spain: Police hold suspect for letter bombs to PM, embassies
Denmark calls for mandatory military service for women
Baltic States, Russia remove ambassadors as diplomatic relations falter
U.S. Says Finland, Sweden are ready to join NATO alliance
Ukraine: NATO countries must ramp up arms production for battles ahead,
Paranoid Putin sets up air defence system near secret forest palace
Russian ship armed with hypersonics to train with Chinese, S. African navies


Turkey says may leave NATO due to provocations in five to six months
US forces kill key IS leader in Somalia operation
America launches largest-ever show of force with Israeli military
Burkina Faso unrest: France agrees to pull its troops out
France recalls ambassador from Burkina Faso after agreeing to pull troops
US intercepts Iranian shipment of 2,000 assault rifles destined for Yemen
Israeli forces kill two Palestinians in separate incidents
Palestinians says they will end coordination with Israel after West Bank raid
Tanzanian gov warns against working as mercenaries for foreign armies
Over 15,000 flee as Myanmar junta bombs, shells and burns Katha villages


U.S. closely monitoring N. Korea for possible nuclear test: Pentagon
Pakistan power grid crash plunged millions into darkness: Report
Marine Corps activates sprawling new base on highly Sstrategic Guam
Pakistan Rupee slumps to record low, crisis-hit nation seeks bailout
Opium production in Myanmar surges to nine-year high
Afghanistan opium cultivation up nearly a third, warns UNODC
Over 15,000 flee as Myanmar Junta bombs, shells and burns Katha villages
Former vice president Chen to become new Taiwan premier
S. Korea, U.S. Armies sign 'strategic vision' statement to broaden cooperation
N. Korea likely to continue provocations, threats in 2023
S. Korea to seek normalization of relations with N. Korea this year


Pfizer scientist: ‘Pfizer is mutating the COVID virus to discover new vaccines
Rubio letter to Pfizer CEO on alleged Gain-of-Function research
Senate investigation into Pfizer after Project Veritas' 'bombshell' video
mRNA is not going away: Moderna CEO has permanent global plans
WHO updates critical medicines list for radiological and nuclear emergencies
WHO committee to decide whether COVID-19 remains global emergency

Peak Prosperity with Dr. Chris Martenson.

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