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Xi Jinping to Visit Russia, Hold Talks With Vladimir Putin Next Week: What Does This Mean for World Politics?

They are the world’s most powerful autocrats. In 2019, Chinese president Xi Jinping described his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin as his “best friend”. Last year, when the two leaders met just before the Ukraine invasion, they sealed a “no limits” partnership, which caused concern to the West.

As the Russia-Ukraine war enters its second year of battle and ties between the United States and Beijing worsen over Taiwan and the spy balloon, Xi plans to visit Vladimir Putin in Russia as soon as next week, reported Reuters.

[ Editor’s Note: Any plans Russia and China have for aggressive action anywhere, separate or together, needs to take place well before the 2024 U.S. election when there is likely to be a dramatic change in foreign policy. They know this. Right now, our adversaries see weak leadership, internal chaos, and a decline in U.S. military readiness.]

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