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US Lawmakers Publish 10 Ways To Prepare For War With China Over Taiwan

The House China Committee this week published a list of ten bipartisan recommendations to deter China from attacking Taiwan. These are being officially recommended for inclusion in the fiscal 2024 National Defense Authorization Act.

The list is said to be the result of conclusions reached during April ‘table top’ war games conducted by the hawkish Center for a New American Security.

  1. Manufacture & supply more long-range missiles to the Indo-Pacific region
  2. Devise severe economic costs in concert with our allies ahead of time, should China act against Taiwan
  3. Expand combined military training between the United States and Taiwan
  4. Deliver the $19 billion of backlogged military equipment and weapons that Taiwan ordered from the United States
  5. Establish a US military Joint Task Force or Joint Force HQ for crisis command and control in Indo-Pacific Command

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Editor’s Note: It would seem that China would want to move on Taiwan and close the deal BEFORE the next election and a likely second term for Trump.

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