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U.S. Warns Ukraine It Faces A Pivotal Moment In War

As the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine nears, U.S. officials are telling Ukrainian leaders they face a critical moment to change the trajectory of the war, raising the pressure on Kyiv to make significant gains on the battlefield while weapons and aid from the United States and its allies are surging.

Despite promises to back Ukraine “as long as it takes,” Biden officials say recent aid packages from Congress and America’s allies represent Kyiv’s best chance to decisively change the course of the war. Many conservatives in the Republican-led House have vowed to pull back support, and Europe’s long-term appetite for funding the war effort remains unclear.

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[Editor’s Note: Oddly, the more successful Ukraine is on the battlefield, the greater the inclination will be for Russia to employ low-yield nuclear weapons. They call it it ‘escalate to deescalate’. Cook one off to gain the battlefield advantage, then deescalate the situation having locked in the gains.]

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