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Tuesday, April 6, 2021 – Daily Security Headlines


Tennessee man accused of helping Islamic State group
DOJ quietly acknowledges there was no sedition at the US Capitol
Navy’s Top Officer Says ‘Drones’ That Swarmed Destroyers Remain Unidentified
Soldiers At Fort Bliss Banned From Taking Photos Of Migrant Tents
Russia-U.S. ties worst in 41 years: How much worse could it get?
Indirect US-Iran talks on the nuclear deal: What can we expect?


Man, woman arrested in Stockholm on suspicion of preparing terrorist offense
Russia approves extending space cooperation with US until 2030
New reports detail ongoing space threats, and Russia is raising concerns
Is Putin about to launch a new offensive in Ukraine?
Russia says it is in high-level contact with U.S. over Ukraine
Kremlin regrets that almost no ties are left intact in Russian-Ukrainian relations
Russia: Vladimir Putin signs law allowing him to rule till 2036
Kosovo gets new president, its second female leader
Further violence breaks out in Northern Ireland despite appeals for calm


US sanctions on Turkish officials over S-400s come into force
Several killed in attack in eastern Burkina Faso
Palace turmoil, wave of arrests over plot to ‘destabilise’ Jordan
Jordan’s Prince Hamza pledges allegiance to king after mediation
Israel’s Netanyahu in court as parties weigh in on his fate
Only immunized pilgrims allowed to Mecca during Ramadan, say Saudis
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to undergo ‘medical tests’ in Germany
Mozambique town Palma ‘retaken’ from militant Islamist
The horror of the ISIS Mozambque massacre that left one Brit dead
UN: Attack in Mali killed 4 UN peacekeepers and 23 attackers
Mali paid ransom for release of opposition leader, says intermediary
At least 40 dead in fighting in Sudan’s Darfur: UN
Powerful armed group in CAR vows to leave rebel coalition
More than 1,800 prisoners escape in Nigeria
Western Sahara demands UN seat, blasts France and Spain
DR Congo hosts ‘last chance’ talks over contested Nile dam


China says carrier group exercising near Taiwan, drills will become
Taiwan’s army ‘ill-prepared’ for potential Chinese attack
China Sends Carrier Strike Group Near Okinawa in Message to US and Japan
What the United States Military Can Learn from the Nagorno-Karabakh War
Myanmar protesters clap to denounce junta as region focuses on crisis
Minorities in Myanmar borderlands face fresh fear since coup
Beijing muscles in on the South China Sea with hundreds of boats lashed together
Philippines turns up heat on China over boats massing in South China Sea
Philippines accuses China of plans to occupy more South China Sea ‘features’
Philippines extends virus lockdown in economic hub
Maoist rebels kill 22 Indian security forces in gun battle: police
Floods and landslides in Indonesia and East Timor kill more than 100


Fauci grant To Wuhan Lab Never Scrutinized By HHS Review Board
New York’s vaccine passport program is already failing
UK coronavirus variant now detected in all 50 US states, CDC says
Americans’ Worry About Catching COVID-19 Drops to Record Low
India’s daily virus cases breach 100,000; mutants, behaviour blamed
Weekend lockdown, curfew for India’s richest state as virus surge worsens

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