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Thursday, April 1, 2021 – Daily Security Headlines


NORAD Tracks 2 Russian Spy Planes That Entered Alaskan Air Defense Zone
Thousands flee as Venezuela troops and Colombia rebels clash
Navy’s Aviation Boss Lays Out Big Vision For Drone-Packed Carriers Of The Future
Military Using Alternatives to Suez Canal In Middle East
Senators press for answers in Space Command move decision
WTH?: US military’s new transgender policy will pay troops’ transition bills


Russian forces are deploying massive amounts of military hardware into Crimea
EU takes Poland to court over judicial independence concerns


Eisenhower strike group launches missions against Islamic State
Inside Mozambique as Africa becomes new frontline of ISIS terror for ‘next 20 years’
U.S. struggling to engage with Iran over nuclear deal
A growing challenge for Iraq: Iran-aligned Shiite militias|
Will Lebanese banks crash Middle East finances?
ISIS using illegal ivory trade to fund terrorism in East Africa
Suspected Islamists kill 23 civilians in eastern Congo
Iran leader Rouhani criticizes Biden for ‘no efforts’ to rejoin nuclear deal
Iraq PM seeks to soothe security concern on Saudi visit
Militias a growing challenge for Iraq ahead of talks with US
UN raises $6.4 billion for Syrians, falls short of $10 billion aid goal
Biden State Dept: Yes, Israel ‘occupies’ West Bank


China’s Military Preparing for U.S. Intervention in Taiwan Strait
Japan, Indonesia Sign Defense Deal Amid Beijing’s Maritime Expansion
Truce over as Myanmar’s Karen insurgents brace for battle
As ethnic armies unite against coup, war returns to Myanmar’s borderlands
UN envoy warns of civil war in Myanmar without Security Council action
Japan suspends new aid to Myanmar over coup
Woman dies after attempted attack on Indonesia police headquarters
China pushes to expand virus origin search beyond its border
China sharply reduces elected seats in Hong Kong legislature
State Department certifies Hong Kong does not warrant unique treatment under U.S. law
Japanese textbooks stir controversy in South Korea for ‘distorting history’


Brazil discovers new coronavirus variant similar to one from South Africa
France Heads Into Monthlong Lockdown as Virus Spirals in Europe
Medics despair as France’s ‘third way’ virus strategy flails
Austria negotiates to buy 1mn doses of Russia’s Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine
Company at heart of J&J vaccine woes has series of citations
Coronavirus update: India is facing a ‘severe, intensive’ second wave

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