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About Us

Threat Journal is the weekly homeland and travel security email newsletter and website from AlertsUSA, Inc.

The newsletter and website provide the latest important news, information and expert commentary on a range of threats to the safety and security of the U.S. and it’s citizens and interests abroad, along with best practices and resources to minimize personal risk.

The Threat Journal newsletter also provides expanded follow-ups on emergency SMS alerts messages sent via the AlertsUSA service, the Gold Standard homeland and travel security threat, warning and incident notification system for mobile devices.

Readers are encouraged to archive the newsletter emails. We GUARANTEE you will be the most well-informed member of your circle of family, friends, and colleagues.

AlertsUSA is staffed by a group of highly committed national security professionals. Through the AlertsUSA service, our newsletter, podcast, and social media presence, we strive to provide a regular stream of information concerning threats to the U.S., as well as strategies to mitigate your risk. We strongly encourage your participation.

Our charitable outreach focuses on three major groups: Those currently serving in uniform (United Service Organizations, USO), those wounded in service to the nation (Disabled American Veterans), as well as the survivors of those who made the ultimate sacrifice (First Responders Children’s Foundation, National Military Family Association).