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Russia’s Deploys Nuclear-Capable Bombers Near NATO Border

A fresh set of satellite images of the Olenya Air Base in Russia’s Kola peninsula revealed that about 16 strategic bombers had been deployed to this air base close to the NATO countries, Finland and Norway, The Barents Observer reported. The air base is located in the closed town of Olenegorsk-2, which is an hour’s drive south of Murmansk.

The base currently houses 14 Tu-5 bombers, two Tu-160 bombers, and two Tu-22M bombers, besides other heavy transport aircraft, as could be shown in the satellite images.

Two Tu-160 are positioned at the southern end, while at all other aprons large enough for heavier aircraft, 14 Tu-95 could be seen positioned side by side. The Tu-22M aircraft are relocated to the parking grounds in the air base’s northwest.

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[ Editor’s Note: Russia threatened this very move one year ago in response to Finland and Sweden beginning the process of joining NATO. ]

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