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Russia Has 10-Times More Tactical Nuclear Weapons Than the US — Now They Arm Belarus

Russia’s large arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons has been a source of concern for decades, yet Putin’s potential use of these catastrophic weapons has taken on new dimensions of seriousness due to Russia’s planned deployment of tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus.

Russia has ten times the tactical nuclear weapons as the United States and has visibly and repeatedly threatened to use them against Ukraine, NATO and the West throughout its now long-standing war effort in Ukraine.

Has this purely been a manipulative tactic to lessen or minimize Western support for Ukraine and hold the world hostage with nuclear threats? Perhaps, yet one could make the argument that such an “escalate to win” Russian strategy has been working.

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[ Editor’s Note: There has never been a time in U.S. history where nuclear threats, both verbal and real, were more prevalent. Russia readily admits that their conventional forces would have to quickly move to the use of tactical nuclear weapons in a full blown conflict with NATO. ]

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