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North Korea’s Submarine Fleet: Underwater Coffins Or Threat To The U.S. Navy?

After having published a recent article on the status of the submarine fleet of one of the United States’ strong East Asian allies – that being Taiwan’s – it would only be appropriate for 19FortyFive also to analyze the submarine fleet of one of America’s critical adversaries in the USINDOPACOM area of responsibility (AOR).

No, not the People’s Republic of China (PRC), but rather the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK); given the headline-grabbing acts of intimidation waged by the PRC against Taiwan, it’s easy to lose sight of the DPRK’s own ever-increasing bellicosity.

So then, if the Korean War were to resume – remember, technically the war never actually “ended” in the first place – naval war planners will need to consider just what sort of challenges are posed by North Korea’s subs. Let’s take a look, one species at a time.

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