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North Korea Warns of ‘Full-Blown War’ if More ‘Reckless’ Remarks From South

North Korea has lashed out in retaliation to comments made by the South Korean defense minister, with warnings of “disaster” and “full-blown war.”

In a statement released on Sunday, Kim Yo-jong, sister to Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, called the South’s defense minister, Suh Wook, a “scum-like guy” for raising the possibility of preemptive strikes against its northern adversary. Kim, who South Korea’s spy service says is the North’s number two official behind her brother, further derided Suh as “reckless” and warned that the South could face a “serious threat,” The Guardian reported.

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  1. Tom Nassetta Tom Nassetta April 12, 2022

    Biden is doing a really great job at world huh? It’s actually laughable that no country respects him or the United States any longer. Couldn’t we just zip ahead to 2024 and be done with this fool?

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