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Lies, Damn Lies, and UFOs: Deciphering the Truth Hidden Amid Decades of Propaganda

“Given the obvious coordination of the UAP disclosures these last few weeks, only two scenarios seem plausible:

  • either a group of scientists, intelligence operatives, military personnel, legal sharks, and politicians are working together behind the scenes to deliver enough corroborated information to the public to pierce through a near-century of State-imposed secrecy, or
  • this diverse collection of professionals is part of an elaborate disinformation campaign being used to manipulate public perception and opinion.”

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[Editor’s Note: Excellent article. There are billions of smartphones in circulation, most with fantastic cameras. To this day, not one crisp, daytime, unobscured, non-blurry image is in public circulation where surface detail can be seen. Until that happens, we’ll stick with the explanation that the these phenomenon are of terrestrial origin, the roots of which can be found in national defense and the trillions of dollars in “un-documentable adjustments” made to the Pentagon budget over the years.]

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