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Fauci: ‘Don’t Declare Victory Prematurely’

Dr. Anthony Fauci is warning another COVID surge could be on the horizon of Americans relax their mask-wearing and social distancing.

The infectious diseases expert, 80, made the claim during an interview with Chris Hayes on MSNBC Friday night.

COVID cases across the US have started to plateau at around 55,000 per day in recent weeks, leading some to speculate that the pandemic is almost over, given the vaccine roll-out and the onset of warmer weather.

Many parts of Europe are currently heading back into lockdown as the number of COVID-19 cases rise there. Fauci fears the US may follow suit if Americans continue to let their guard down.

‘Europe tends to be three or four weeks ahead of us in the dynamics of the outbreak,’ Fauci stated.’

‘They went up, came down, plateaued. They pulled back on the mitigation methods. They stop wearing masks. They opened up the bars. They did the things that we warned shouldn’t be done and now Europe is seeing, in general, a surge of five to ten percent. I hope that doesn’t happen here, but it looks like it’s starting to do that.’

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[ Editor’s Note: As much as America is tired of this stooge, Fauci does have a point on thinking this is over. It is not. The Province of Ontario is headed into another wave of infections and hospitalizations. France just began another month-long partial lockdown. Numbers in Germany are climbing fast. Brazil is in the midst of a catastrophe with their case numbers and hospitalizations.

Also consider that with Biden’s dramatic weakening of border control policies and the total lack of testing any illegals detained and set free into the interior, trouble could be brewing.

Think critically about your situation. Mask, don’t mask, vaccine / gene therapy or not, whatever. Just act responsibly.

As for AlertsUSA here in Texas, it is good health practices and HCQ. ]

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