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Failure to Track Ukraine Weapons Shipments Has Consequences

On June 12, 2023, the Department of Defense’s Office of Inspector General released a report evaluating the quality of the accountability controls for U.S. weapons sent to Ukraine through Poland.

The report’s findings suggest the lack of accountability is even worse than skeptics imagined.

Instead of losing the ability to monitor weapons once they arrive in Ukraine, as many assume, the accountability problems begin before they leave the United States. The lack of accountability can lead not only to weapons dispersion to criminal organizations but also reduces the ability for DoD to track the financial value of weapons sent – all of which potentially risks the security and prosperity of Americans.

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[Editor’s Note: This was bound to happen. War is big business. Unlike the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan which, by geography alone, presented significantly greater challenges for weapons traffickers, the potential for exploitation of the weapons supplies pouring into Eastern Europe is unimaginable. Truck after truck, plane-load after plane-load, train after train. Most of this cargo arrives in Poland, is broken down into smaller mixed shipments, and then sent to Ukraine or placed in storage. To think that some of this hardware is not being diverted for alternative use and resale is laughable.

In fact, we may be seeing some of these weapons reappearing back in this hemisphere…]


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