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DoD Unable To Secure Basing Near Afghanistan, Warns Of Terrorist Threat

The United States hasn’t reached any agreements with Central Asian states bordering Afghanistan for bases or other facilities to use in counterterrorism operations there against the Islamic State and al-Qaeda, senior defense officials said Tuesday.

“We have had extensive conversations” and expect to have more, with Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and others, Colin Kahl, the undersecretary of defense for policy, said at a Senate hearing.

U.S. forces “need to build out more capability so we’re not just reliant on facilities we have in the Arabian Gulf,” Kahl said. The closest major U.S. facilities, in Qatar and Bahrain, are more than 1,500 flight miles away.

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This warning is well founded. The Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, obviously under Taliban control, is once again issuing passports. Visa-free entry is available for Afghan passport holders for several countries in this hemisphere. You can see the list below.

Afghanistan Passport Visa Free Countries List 2023

Once in this hemisphere, getting into the U.S. would seem to be pretty damn simple as evidenced by the 1.5 million illegal aliens from dozens of countries who were encountered, and admitted, along the U.S. southern border in the last fiscal year.

This says nothing of the radicals already in the U.S. and Europe who have been emboldened by the Biden Afghanistan debacle.

It’s coming… Our adversaries definitely see vulnerability and weakness.

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