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Chinese Foreign Minister Warns Biden to Tread Carefully on Taiwan

Taipei skyline viewed from Mt. Elephant taken in 2020.

China’s claim to Taiwan is an “insurmountable red line,” the Chinese foreign minister warned the US administration on Sunday.

Wang Yi was speaking at an annual news conference during the meeting of the National People’s Congress, China’s annual parliamentary session.

Wang addressed other aspects of the tense US-China relationship during the news conference.

The top minister vigorously defended the Chinese stance on controversial Hong Kong electoral reforms and human rights abuses in Xinjiang.

He also covered European relations and Myanmar.

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[ Editors Note: ] I lived, worked, and studied Mandarin Chinese in Taipei for several years. The Taiwanese people are smart, warm, gracious and welcoming, and they love America. Despite the lack of “formal” diplomatic relations, the U.S. has close ties with the island nation.

Taiwan has a democratic form of government with multiparty competition, factionalism, a vigorous civil society, and many interest groups. Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan – or parliament – is notorious for getting physical during the sausage-making process. All out brawling, hair pulling, throwing plastic bottles and water balloons, as well as splashing water on the faces of rival party legislators, are common scenes. None of the controlled, elder stateman crap for the Taiwanese. Air-horns and filibustering are often used to drown out one’s opponents.

Taiwan is a highly productive nation. Their top export categories in 2019 were machinery, mineral fuels, electrical machinery, aircraft, and optical and medical instruments.

Support for Taiwan under the Trump Administration was never in question.

Under Trump, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar and Undersecretary of State Keith Krach were the highest-ranking U.S. officials to travel to Taiwan on business since 1979, when Washington cut relations with Taipei and recognized Beijing as the rightful government of China.

The visits greatly upset the Chinese Communist Party leadership. During his time in office, the Trump administration pushed to deepen ties with the self-governed, democratic island at a time when U.S. relations with China are plumbing historic lows. In late 2020, the State Department approved plans to sell $1.8 billion of arms to Taiwan, including precision air-to-surface cruise missiles.

Under Biden / Harris, the U.S. / Taiwan relationship is greatly in question, particularly given how compromised the Biden family is to the CCP.

Watch for a test of this relationship by China sometime in 2021.

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