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China Holds Assault Drills Near Taiwan After ‘Provocations’

China carried out assault drills near Taiwan on Tuesday, with warships and fighter jets exercising off the southwest and southeast of the island in what the country’s armed forces said was a response to “external interference” and “provocations”.

Taiwan, which Beijing claims as Chinese territory, has complained of repeated People’s Liberation Army (PLA) drills in its vicinity in the past two years or so, part of a pressure campaign to force the island to accept China’s sovereignty.

In a brief statement, the PLA’s Eastern Theatre Command said warships, anti-submarine aircraft and fighter jets had been dispatched close to Taiwan to carry out “joint fire assault and other drills using actual troops”.

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[Editor’s Note ] – After the Afghanistan withdrawal disaster, there are many of people in Taiwan who are waking up to the fact that, at least under the current administration, they will be on their own when China makes their move. The incompantence of the Biden Administration in managing the withdrawal, the state of the economy, our sudden dependence on foreign oil again, and so much more, all serve to embolden the Chinese.

America is in a deep state of turmoil… We are distracted.

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