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Canada, the Freeloader, Rather Than Vested Defense Partner in NORAD and the Defense of North America

This article contends that a political commitment to the Canada-US relationship, combined with the policy and capability investments required to modernise NORAD, is urgently needed to restore the relevance of NORAD and render it an effective deterrence. These factors are, however, unlikely to be considered, due to the short-term political vision of Canadian politics, the unwillingness to commit the required funds to re-balance the capability relationship, and the belief that the U.S. will ultimately guarantee Canada’s security. Canada, while considering itself equal, has always been the junior partner in an unequal relationship, and as the threats and organisation have evolved, that gap has widened.

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It is most interesting that this article is written by an active duty Lieutenant-Colonel within the Canadian Army. Even more surprising is that the article is published on a Canadian government website.

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