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An Energy Crisis Is Gripping The World, With Potentially Grave Consequences

Energy is so hard to come by right now that some provinces in China are rationing electricity, Europeans are paying sky-high prices for liquefied natural gas, power plants in India are on the verge of running out of coal, and the average price of a gallon of regular gasoline in the United States stood at $3.25 on Friday — up from $1.72 in April.

As the global economy recovers and global leaders prepare to gather for a landmark conference on climate change, the sudden energy crunch hitting the world is threatening already stressed supply chains, stirring geopolitical tensions and raising questions about whether the world is ready for the green energy revolution when it’s having trouble powering itself right now.

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[ Editor’s Note: ]

It is beyond astonishing that the U.S. would even be mentioned in this article. On the day Trump left office, regular unleaded fuel in S. Texas was at least a buck per gallon less than the current price. The U.S. was energy independent and a net EXPORTER of oil and gas. Pandemic BS aside, 95% of the working-age population was employed, jobs were plentiful, and everyone was making money.

In just nine months, this national energy situation has been flipped on it’s head because of specific policy actions on the part of Biden and the Dems.

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