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Afghan on Terrorist Watchlist Arrested Near Border Crossing In San Diego

A person on the U.S. Terror Watchlist was arrested near a U.S.-Mexico border crossing in San Diego as thousands of migrants flocked to the United States seeking asylum ahead of the expiration of Title 42.

In a statement released to local media, Supervisor Desmond confirmed he had heard about the arrest on Wednesday, May 10.

“On Wednesday, I received word from Border Patrol Officials that an Afghani on the terror watchlist was arrested at our Southern Border. This apprehension occurred after the individual crossed the border alongside a group of migrants near Otay Mesa, CA,” the statement said.

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This is just one of dozens who have been picked up in recent months. The first question that should come to mind…..How many got away?

(January) 38 people on terror watchlist nabbed at southern border since Oct. 1

(March) Border agents arrest 16 people on FBI’s terror watchlist at Mexico crossing

(April) CBP stopped two men on terrorism watchlist at border

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