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A Reminder that Afghans Are Using the Border End-Run Option

U.S. Border Patrol agents near Calexico, Calif., recently detained an Afghan migrant who crossed from Mexico, according to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection activity log document obtained by the Center for Immigration Studies.

“Ahmad Nasiri”, 29, was detained just before Christmas on an “immigration violation”. To get to California, he likely traveled an established air-and-land migration route leading through South America, through Panama’s Darien Gap, and on through Central America and Mexico to our southern border.

The document doesn’t provide much more detail — about whether he is one of many thousands of Islamist terrorist Taliban fighters who now control Afghanistan or if he is fleeing such killers and their draconian Sharia-law-based way of governance. But bringing this one entry to public attention serves as a reminder that there are certainly more such Afghans showing up at the border without U.S. government authorization as a fait accompli, their real names and the side they chose during the war not readily verifiable, if ever.

His discovery in California pointedly demonstrates that any Afghan who can raise the smuggling money has no need for American government permission or a special immigrant visa to enter the United States since they can enter via the totally overwhelmed southern border, claim asylum there, and stay in the country permanently.

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