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A Prelude To War

While the Biden administration’s weakness and decline in military readiness concerning China goes unreported or under-reported in the United States, those nations most vulnerable to Chinese aggression and intimidation are aware of the rising risk of war.

When nations assess their national security status, they analyze all alliances and associations, including military, economic, etc. A critical aspect of that analysis will be the United States and its ability and willingness to fulfill its strategic security obligations.

Every national security advisor or minister of defense in the Asia-Pacific region that relies on U.S. security guarantees must ask themselves, “Are we as secure today as we were yesterday under American security guarantees?”

[ Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, the simple answer is no, you are likely not safer today under the current U.S. administration. Every effort should be made to secure your own nation and to develop additional defense alliances. It is impossible to determine if defense agreements and treaties would be honored if bullets start flying. The U.S. is becoming weaker by the day through depleted weapons stocks, woke agendas, vax mandates, lowering of performance standards, an inability to meet minimum recruiting goals, and overall  declining morale. These are indeed dangerous times.]

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