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Warship Positions Faked Including UK Aircraft Carrier

A carrier strike group led by HMS Queen Elizabeth had its automatic identification system (AIS) position faked, researchers discovered.

AIS is a key maritime safety system used to track vessel movements.

Nearly 100 naval ships may have had their AIS position altered, environmental groups SkyTruth and Global Fishing Watch found.

The ships included vessels from European and US navies, including 11 from the Royal Navy.

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  1. Ian Ian August 3, 2021

    I mean are we really surprised that the navies faked their AIS data? I’m more surprised that they would even have an AIS system that was publicly available on board such ships. Seems like it would be a huge OPSEC violation.

    • admin admin Post author | August 5, 2021

      From one angle, we completely agree. On the other hand, all of the other ships at sea using AIS for collision avoidance depend on reported position accuracy for the system to be of any use.

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